So...A New Blog

I've always had a constant confusion about if I should have a blog, and if I do where it should go. Because of this I've had several over the years, and they've lasted maybe a year before I think "no, it shouldn't be here, it should be elsewhere." This is exactly one of those instances. 

When I created my on-line writer/ artist portfolio the idea was to have my blog there. But then it felt weird to have posts on there with random ramblings. So, I tried to have one blog stream for portfolio stuff, and another for general posts. But, try as I might I could just never get it to look right. Thus, I decided to separate the two completely and keep stuff on my portfolio only about the things I'm working on, and have another (this one) for everything else.

So, here we are; a new blog. I'll try to keep this one going for longer than a year. 😅

What you can expect here are ramblings about things I enjoy; comics, video games, shows and books. I'll also cross-post sometimes from my portfolio. Hey, I've gotta get my stuff out there somehow. Generally though, this will be my little soapbox in a corner of the internet. 

Right. Well. I've never been good at these introduction posts, so I'll just end it here. Thanks for stopping by.



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